Ria Bamboo

This time the naming was a bit more difficult - in the dialect of the Eifel, there is no drinking straw historically.
So we came to the description „pipe“ - „Ria“. There is no bamboo in the Eifel, but it is perfect as a substitute for
plastic. The stalks are reusable and dishwasher safe after about 100 cycles they can to be thrown on the compost.
They are antibacterial, odorless and tasteless and a very fast renewable resource. Of course, as natural product,
it is very difficult to give specific product data, as each straw is grown naturally unique.

Weight 6 - 9g
Material Bambus
Made in Eifel/Germany
Included 10 Bambushalme, 1 Reinigungsbürste
Height 215mm
Width 6 - 10mm