Ria Bamboo Bali

When we first used the great, sustainable alternative to the plastic straw in the form of a thin bamboo cane at a beach bar in Bali a few years ago, we were determined to bring this great product to Europe. Now we found the original
manufacturer of these straws.
The Balinese straws are somewhat different from the Chinese bamboo straws we produce in the Eifel. The fast growing grass plant can be produced sustainably and is therefore an ecologically harmless material.
With our sustainable, reusable drinking straws made of bamboo, cocktails, smoothies and long drinks taste even better - including a clear conscience. The straws come with a small cleaning brush and are dishwasher safe.  After about 100 dishwasher cycles (or if they become filthy), they can be disposed of in organic waste or compost.  The Ria Bali straws are antibacterial, odourless and tasteless.
Bamboo is a natural product, therefore the diameters of our straws vary.

Weight 3,5 - 9g
Material Bambus
Made in Bali/Indonesien
Included 10 Bambushalme, 1 reinigungsbürste, 1 Baumwollbeutel
Height 200mm
Width 8 - 12mm