The amazing coconut tree is a uniquely sustainable product, as it because it can be completely utilized. The water inside the coconut is drunk, the flesh eaten, the shell made into bowls, buttons or stove fuel, the outer fibre made into mats and ropes. The fronds are used to build roofs and the wood is used to make furniture.

In the tropics, the robust palm tree has made life easier for centuries; unfortunately, no palms grow in the hilly German Eifel. But thanks to its good connection to a small family business in Bali, EOE now offers the new muesli and soup bowl "Schottel" (in high German "flat bowl"), an environmentally friendly outdoor set of two bowls and two spoons, which can be used in many ways at home, in a campervan, while camping or trekking.


Being made from a natural product, every Schottel coconut bowl is slightly different from the next. They are all sawed, sanded, carefully polished and treated with coconut oil by hand in Bali.

The matching spoon is made from the wood of the coconut palm and is also sanded and oiled only. The natural materials are absolutely tasteless: so the muesli from Schottel is just as yummy as a smoothie bowl or pea soup. On top of that, you don’t absorb traces of dyes, softeners or other chemical additives used in plastics.

The durable crockery is light, break-proof and absolutely suitable for everyday use. It can be washed _ even very hot if necessary _ and lives all the longer when rubbed with cooking oil (preferably coconut oil) every few weeks.

With its pleasant, natural feel and high-quality appearance, the Schottel brings a little holiday flair to your breakfast table or is quite simply a sustainable, practical camping tableware from which almost anything can be eaten.


And should the Schottel break one day: the bowl and spoon can be easily disposed of in organic waste or on the compost heap.

Größe 350ml - 400ml
Weight 75gr - 100gr
Material coconut shell
Made in Bali/Indonesia