The Thorium is our first gasoline stove, perfectly suited for alpine expeditions or long travels. Weighing in only 230g including the pump, it sets new standards on the market. The packing size is also convincing in comparison to the large cooking surface in the unfolded state. It thus combines both standards we set for our kettle: low weight and stable stand.
Its strengths plays from where it can be difficult to find suitable gas cartridges, or when things get really chilly, because petrol burns even at high altitudes and in the cold.

Weight 230g
Dimensions 178 X 84mm / 80 X 84mm
Burn time (max flame) 114g/h 10g/1l Water (White gas)
Average Boil Time 3:50min/ 1l Water
Power ca. 3200 W
Fuel Auto, White gas, Kerosene
Included Stove, Pump, Fuel bottle 0,3l , Repair pack, Pack bag