Our redesigned cooking system with heat exchanger is much more efficient than its predecessor, packs slightly smaller and is more flexible due to the variable equipment: You can simpy leave out some of the new features on the Scandium X2 to save weight on tour.
If fuel efficiency is what you need, Scandium X2 is your choice: Maximum wind protection and a built-in heat exchanger allow the stove system to boil water in a snap while burning a minimum amount of fuel.
The cooking system consists of an insulated cooking pot with heat exchanger and gas stove. Two extras are now a pot stand and a multi-use pot support. You may spare extra grams if you leave those at home.
The Scandium X2 system is designed for reduced fuel consumption. The insulation provides excellent service in cooking, the heat exchanger efficiently transfers heat to the lock-on pot and the latched cooker provides perfect wind protection.  For transport, simply store all accessories in the pot.
Burning less fuel and boiling water more quickly, the EOE Scandium X2 stove system is the ideal personal stove for solo travellers who want to move
lighter and faster.

Weight 483g
Dimensions 128 X 173mm
Average Boil Time 4,5min / 1l Wasser
Power 1600W
Fuel 76g/h 7g/1l Water (Propan/Butan)