Faid 6

Our dry sacks Faid 3 and Faid 6 are made of translucent, PVC-free TPU material: They ensure order in your luggage and quick access to the contents.
The Faid is not only a waterproof storage bag: due to the food-safe material, you may also use it to transport water or food. The UV-resistant bags are absolutely waterproof thanks to their high-frequency seamless welding technology, and the roll closure is reinforced with Hypalon. Top and bottom handles allow for fastening the bags to loading platforms, roof racks, boats or a SUP.
Thanks to the fog translucent material, a Faid also serves as a perfect lampshade to be a camping light when a headlamp is fixed to the ground.

Weight 108g
Dimensions 6L
Material 420den, TPU/Hypalon®

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