EOE-Eifel Outdoor Equipment

We are EOE-Eifel Outdoor Equipment, a young and exclusive specialist, developing and producing sustainable and high-quality outdoor equipment, founded in 2011 by company owner Marcus Bauer, a real "Eifel boy".

Marcus actually started his small company simply just for fun than anything else, with a few products that he himself enjoyed. In 2012, the first titanium cookers with accessories came onto the market, followed by fire bowls, system cookers, coffee filters and pack bags. Recently, EOE has added camping furniture made of domestic FSC® certified solid beech wood to its range, and the product programme expands with each season. But one important thing remains constant: "Our products are made to please the user and last a long time! From the very beginning, we have paid special attention to sustainability in materials and production; there are more than enough short-lived disposable products on the market. We don't go along with that!" is Marcus Bauer's motto.
The ideas for new products often come from inspiration while travelling, or beeing on holiday, when we find out for yourselves what we actually need or what simply doesn't work well. Sometimes there are also ideas for using waste materials, as with the coconut shell "Schottel". Or by producing with sustainable, fast-growing raw materials, for example the bamboo grass in Bali, that we chose for the reusable drinking straws "Ria". 

Enjoying our own products is, what inspires our small team at EOE-Outdoor Equipment time and again when developing new products for the outdoor market. It is also important to us building a connection to our home region of the Eifel, for example with the production of  "Handdooch" and the upcoming "Holztäsch" in the Rurtal workshops in Düren, or in the creative namings in Eifel dialect, typical of EOE. 

As a company in the outdoor sector, the preservation and protection of our nature is particularly important to us. We are constantly working on optimising our materials and production in terms of environmental friendliness and climate protection, for example by shortening transport routes, assembling products in our own warehouse or regional procurement and production. Outdoor activities such as camping, trekking, cycling, fishing and water sports have become even more popular among all age groups, exercise in the great outdoors and taking care of one's own health are becoming increasingly important. EOE develops the right products for this. Can there be a more beautiful job?

Our products

Camping Furniture

The EOE camping furniture made of domestic, FSC® certified solid beech wood not only looks classy, it is robust and practical.
A real eye-catcher for your campsite, balcony and garden.

Outdoor Kitchen

From the ultra-light gas cooker to the solid stainless steel wok, EOE offers a variety of practical products for the camping or outdoor kitchen.

Roof over your Head

Everything to make your personal camping adventure a pleasant experience!

Textiles for your Trip

Comfortable, lightweight travel towels in four fresh colours and three sizes, ideal for trekking events.


Our practical lightweight backpack and waterproof roll-up bags for safe transport of all important things that need to stay dry.

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Discover the extensive world of outdoor equipment! More than 140 dealers listed our EOE products in stock for you. The interactive map shows you the retailer closest to your place.

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