Ria Bamboo

Ria Bamboo
Ria Bamboo
Ria Bamboo
Ria Bamboo
Ria Bamboo
Ria Bamboo
Ria Bamboo
Ria Bamboo

Sustainable, sturdy drinking straw fom natural bamboo, therefore this product is antibacterial, odour- and tasteless. One set contains 10 bamboo drinking straws in a paperbox.

Those who know us, know that most EOE product names come from the Eifel dialect. But historically we do not have a drinking straw, so for our bamboo straws we have come to the description "cane" - "Ria". Although bamboo is not native to the Eifel region, it is perfectly suited as a sustainable substitute for plastic straws. The Ria bamboo straws are reusable - after about 100 dishwasher cycles or if they become unsightly, you can discard them in the bio bin or compost. Bamboo is antibacterial, odourless, tasteless and is a very quickly renewable sustainable material. Bamboo is a natural product, therefore the diameters of our tubes vary. We are producing our RIA Straws at our homebase in the Eifel.


Abmessung:  215 mm lang, Ø 6 mm
Gewicht:  6-9 g
Material:  Bambus
Lieferumfang:  10 Bambushalme + 1 Reinigungsbürste
Gefertigt:  Eifel/Germany

Ria Bamboo
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